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Are you a travel blogger, or someone who has a skill for imparting information in a humorous and informative way?  How’d you like to publish a piece on Duniya Safari? It’s the big leagues, kid. You’re gonna be a star!

Well, not really. But you will be getting your piece read by millions of people each year, so that’s pretty cool!

 This opportunity is for bloggers and aspiring writers only. If you are looking for a link back to your business or reaching out on behalf of a client, that’s a sponsored post, and we do NOT publish sponsored posts that aren’t written by us.

What We’re Looking For

There are a zillion travel blogs out there, and each one has its own distinct style. Ours is … well, spend a few minutes reading the other posts on our site, and we hope you get a feel for what we’re all about: insanely detailed travel information with a side of (usually really terrible) jokes. 

So when it comes to your submission, your voice and the depth of travel information you share is key!

* Information provided is strictly confidential and we never share your information.

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