A vacation is something we all look forward to at least once a year. Who can leave a chance to relax once in a while when you take a rest from work, worries and the future? You finally get a chance to connect with your inner self. Who wouldn’t like that? So, a trip to somewhere nice is a highly desirable prospect. And if you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, then you have to book a Maldives meal plan for yourself and your family.

For millennia, the Maldives has been regarded as a treasure in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives has always been a popular vacation spot for travellers, water aficionados, and couples on their honeymoon. The blue ocean, the lush green foliage, and the white sand beaches all beckon you to come and relax in their embrace. Travellers come to this location to calm their tensions and take a break from their boring daily schedule.

The perfect getaway

The Perfect gateway

For many years, the Maldives has become the perfect getaway for both adventure seekers and pleasure-seekers. From healing your body via spa therapy and yoga to being physically active through snorkelling and windsurfing. You’ll have things to do for the whole day and not have a second to spare. If leisure is on your mind, then you have all the time in the world. There are so many ways to indulge in self-care. Let the spellbinding effects of a massage take over your senses. Allow the postures of yoga to heal the pain in your body. 

Keeping different kinds of vacationers in mind, the private resorts in the Maldives have come up with several meal plans. To different individuals, a vacation implies different things. One might opt to travel to get away from the monotony of everyday life or to learn more about the globe. You might have different reasons for visiting the Maldives. If you’re going for cocktails and drinks, then you can try the all-inclusive meal plan. If you’re looking towards having an amazing culinary experience, then opt for the full board plan. And, if you are looking to do various water activities, then go for the half-board plan. 

Many travellers prefer to opt for the all-inclusive meal plan as it has a lot of benefits. So, if you’re planning to opt for an All-Inclusive meal plan on your next Maldives vacation, then these are necessary things you need to know before finalising your booking.

Why do you need a meal plan?

You must be wondering why you need a  Maldives meal plan at all. One of the reasons we’re asking you to pay for your meals beforehand is that you won’t have the option of eating at many places. The Maldives is an island nation and all the private resorts have their own islands where they are situated. The islands are quite far from each other. Thus, it won’t be possible for you to travel to another island just for lunch. 

So, the question is, how will you eat at all? Hence, you need a plan where you decide on all these factors. It’s a good thing that the private resorts in the Maldives understand this issue at hand and have addressed it accordingly. Pre-booking your meal saves you plenty of money as well. Essentially, this will keep you from paying a ridiculous amount for food. So, do not, I repeat, do not forget to plan and book your meals before you book your flight ticket to the Maldives. 

What are the different meal plans? 


There are currently various types of Maldives meal plans offered at the resorts in the Maldives. There is an all-inclusive meal plan, bed and breakfast, full board along half board. All these meal plans come with different benefits. Read ahead to know all the plans in detail. 

Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Bed and Breakfast At Maldives

Some private resorts in the Maldives have the option of bed and breakfast in their Maldives Meal Plan So, you’ll have room to stay in along with the breakfast. If your intention is to be outside the entire day, solely focused on doing water activities such as canoeing, parasailing and others then go for this plan. This plan is perfect for budget travellers who wish to explore the island rather than staying in it. 

Half Board (HB)

Half Board Meal Plan At Maldives

Go for a half-board meal plan if you are not a foodie. When taking the half-board plan, you’ll only receive dining facilities for two meals. It includes breakfast and lunch or dinner. If you’re not keen on eating a lot and have the habit of eating only two meals a day, then this is your best bet. There are no snacks or drinks available in this Maldives meal plan. If you wish to take anything extra, then you’ll have to pay an additional fee. Mineral water is chargeable as well.

If you’re planning to spend your entire day doing various activities, would you want to try out all three meals? If the answer to this question is no, then you’re making the right decision. Surely, you should discuss this with your travelling partner before finalising the plan. 

Full Board (FB)

Full Board Meal Plan At Maldives

The full board plan includes all three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It varies from all-inclusive choices, because snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages are not included in this meal plan. If you do not like drinking and prefer a strict routine of eating three meals only, then go for this plan. Just remember that if you wish to indulge in drinks separately, then you have to pay an additional fee for the same. You have to pay for the mineral water in this plan. 

All-inclusive (AI)

All Inclusive Meal Plan At Maldives

If you are going to go ahead with this one, then read ahead about what it is being offered. All three meals of the day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are included in the meal plan. All three of your meals are paid in advance. Along with that, you’ll also get a lot of beverage options to choose from. You can indulge in drinking and dining the entire time. You won’t have to pay again at all. 

USP of AI: Drink to heart’s desire


Take a seat in one of the coolest bars, and start ordering away. Order an old fashioned to kick off your drinking session and allow the bourbon and a splash of citrus to completely overwhelm you. Following that, you may order a cosmopolitan, which was made popular by Carrie Bradshaw, who starred in the extremely successful television programme, Sex and the City. This famous cocktail, which is based on vodka, is still quite popular among drinkers. And if you prefer your liquor neat, go ahead and get a rum. Many people like drinking this sweet beverage, which is prepared by fermenting sugarcane. After that, order the signature Martini, a favourite of  James Bond. You can ask the bartender to shake or stir it, depending on how you would like to order it. 

Once you go ahead with this plan, you won’t have to stress at all about what you’ll eat for your next meal. You’ll have the option of dining in several of the finest restaurants. Therefore, many guests go with this plan.

Now that you are aware of the differences, and thinking of going with an all-inclusive meal plan, then understand further if it is right for you.

Should you go with the all-inclusive meal plan?

All Inclusive Meal Plans

If you are planning to wine and dine the entire time on your Maldives vacation, then this plan is just perfect for you. An inclusive meal plan encourages you to let your mind wander free on your Maldives vacation. There are plenty of choices for you. Go dine in one of the fancy restaurants, relish the taste of the succulent cuisine. Later, go drink your worries away at one of the chic bars. If you are a teetotaler who does not like to drink then there are so many mocktail options for you too. Why should only cocktail drinkers have all the fun?

 Go for a refreshing Mango mule, enjoy the divine taste of mango, lime juice and ginger beer. Once you are done with that, go for Virgin Cucumber Gimlet, let the taste of cucumbers reinvigorate you. and  You’ll never feel left out here.  The mineral water is available for free in the all-inclusive meal plan as well. 

Let the worries leave your mind, give your amazing brain a rest. Pick up these Maldivian vibes on your next vacation.

Maldives Meal Plan

Stop worrying about where and what you’ll eat for your next meal. Leave your worries when you land here in the Maldives. In an all-inclusive meal plan, breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, beverages, and some special excursions are dropped into this mix. You’ll have to pay for all of them before you land here. 

To begin with, the breakfast meal has a lot of options. Either try the fresh and tasty fruits or go for bread, eggs, milk, and cereals. For your lunch, you can try out a variety of choices, take a bite of pizza or munch on your salad. Therefore, you get a chance to try new flavours at every single meal. For your dinner, several resorts provide themed evenings. In this, different types of food are offered on alternate days of the week. You’ll never get bored of eating because of this extensive variety. How amazing is that? I think very much so. 

If drinking is on your mind, then you’re going in the right direction. In certain resorts, a fully-stocked mini bar is also provided at the resort, so you can drink without spending a cent.  You’ll have the loveliest choices of beverages to choose from as well. Sit by the shore and grab your favourite choice of liquor and drink as much as you want. Certainly,  it is by far the most favourite bit of a vacation. You can live the high life by just drinking all day, and sleeping the rest of the time. If you ever feel nauseous, then ask your partner to give you company. Don’t be alone at all. Drink at the bar or by the sea. The choice is yours. Sip the finest wine one day, on some other days, choose beer. Take full advantage of these lovely drinking places by all means. 

Lets Go On excursions at Maldives

Some private resorts offer few excursions and other activities in their all-inclusive plans. Few resorts do provide discounted spa treatments. You can go for a spa massage to cure any discomfort that you feel in your body. This also offers a great opportunity to let your body heal while on vacation. 

The Spa massage is reported to offer several restorative properties for the body. You’ll get a chance to improve your mental health and remove toxins from your body. You can also go to yoga classes, play on the tennis court, and try your hand at painting. These are a few of the activities that are provided within the all-inclusive plan. Depending on the resort you’re staying at, you’ll have to check the specific excursions available there. 

Which resorts offer an all-inclusive meal plan?

There are so many private resorts that offer all-inclusive meal plans. So, you need to know before you decide on your resort.

OBLU Select at Sangeli 


This resort’s all-inclusive plan is called the SERENITY Plan, where you get a chance to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at “The Courtyard”. Theme nights are also held in the courtyard. You get a chance to eat snacks at Hedhikaa Hut restaurant. The bars are “The Sangs” and “The Rock”. You’ll get a wide variety of beer and wine. There is a villa mini-bar in the villa mini-bar as well. Choose from there too. There are options for live music as well, which is provided three times a week. You can grab a chance to listen to Boduberu music and a DJ night. Soothe your pain with beautiful music while holding the hand of your beloved.

You’ll also get a chance to use the gym and activities such as yoga, pilates and strength training. You also get an opportunity to use the free snorkelling equipment throughout the stay. Use the chance to go for free sunset fishing during your stay. You can go for spa services as well, called the ELENA Spa. 

OBLU By Atmosphere at Helengeli


The Island Plan encompasses a lot of benefits. Take an opportunity to eat the buffet breakfast, then go for lunch and, lastly, dinner at The Spice. The in-villa minibar offers mineral water and non-alcoholic carbonated drinks to its guests. Get the à la carte meal at “Just Grill”. The “Helen” bar offers a variety of alcohol. Drink from a variety of liquors such as gin, vodka, rum, and whisky. You’ll also get mocktails and cocktails. In the complementary activities, you can go for 45 minutes of spa therapy if you stay for a minimum of four nights. If you wish to try scuba diving, then you can. You can make use of snorkelling gear as well. There is an in-house reef where you can try these. 

Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi Maldives


This resort provides a lot of eating options for its guests. Try the option of buffet dining at the “Banyan Restaurant”. From Maldivian cuisine to Western dishes, try them all. Eat at the “Beach Grill” to try the light food of salads and sandwiches. There are recreational facilities available as well. Go swimming at the pool. There’s a gym for you to workout in. There is also Chinese reflexology that is available for you. Indulge in this ancient Chinese medicine, where reflexologists apply pressure to specific body parts such as feet, hands, and ears to ensure that energy flows into the body. It’s a great way to relax your body. 

This resort is also perfect for surfing. Try out a wide array of water activities, such as diving, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling. If you wish to be physically active here, then go for tennis, table tennis, badminton, beach volleyball, and football. A beach party also takes place here. You’ll get a free entrance to that. If you are a budding epicure, then you can go to a cookery and cocktail demonstration that happens once a week. 

There is also the availability of a resident doctor in case of any medical emergency. It is a shopping arcade where you can go shopping. There is also laundry, so, if you wish to get your clothes clean, you can opt for it.

Adraan Select Meedhupparu

There are so many dining options available here. If you’re craving Indian food, then go to “Sufura”, which provides incredible Indian food. If you wish to go the Mediterranean way, then eat at “Thavaa”. You’ll get a chance to eat tapas and other dishes. At “Jaafaiy”, you’ll be greeted with a buffet and see live cooking. Either drink at the Sunset Bar or Halaboli Main Bar, you’ll get all the inclusive drinks here. 

You get a chance to spoil your body here at the spa. Try the Ayurveda spa and later go for yoga. If interested, then try the Thai massage. Steam and sauna facilities are also available for you. Afterwards, treat your body to a session of manicure and pedicure. There is a section for kids here as well. We understand that you deserve some quiet time with your loved one, so, the sitters here will keep the kids occupied with fun and activities while you enjoy some private time with your beloved.

VARU by Atmosphere 

The VARU plan involves lots of benefits too. Dine at “Lime & Chili”. This restaurant offers all three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Eat the yummiest breakfast

For your breakfast, reach this restaurant early as you have divine dishes waiting for you. Start with fresh juices. Choose from watermelon, orange, and melon cucumber. At the same time, pick a cereal for yourself. Either go for muesli or honey loops to sweeten your taste buds. While you are at it, also pick nuts such as apricots and broken cashew nuts for yourself. Indeed, it’s important to be quite healthy. 

After that, we look at the bread section. One can not live without bread. Bread is awesome, bread is life. Therefore, so many choices are right in front of your eyes. Lick your fingers after eating a butter croissant, then sample the famous Custard Danish. Swoon in to taste the divine Orange and Pecan Muffins. If French bread is your bias, then take a bite of a French Baguette Loaf. Get that protein in your body by eating pieces of salami napoli. You can go for brunch on a Tuesday here. The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines, such as European, Asian, and Maldivian cuisine. 

To keep your taste buds engaged, there are live cooking stations as well. In other words, the food is cooked in front of your eyes and served. Take an empty plate to the live cooking station. Fill the plate with aromatic waffles as they come out of the waffle maker. Then add the crepe to your plate too. This culinary gourmet experience is absolutely worth it. 

So many restaurants 

Maldives Food

If Maldivian food suits your taste buds, then go to KAAGÉ, a restaurant specialising in Maldivian cuisine. However, remember to pre-book your meal. “Bay Rouge” is the pool bar. Catch the gorgeous sunset as the bartender gives you the drink. Chat away as the evening sets in. 

Afterwards, you can go play sports, such as badminton, tennis, and beach volleyball, to boost your physical strength. You can also do a lot of water activities, such as canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and water bikes. 

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives

The all-inclusive plan is called the “Platinum Plus Plan”. Improve your palate by indulging in different meals every day. “The Spice” is the main restaurant here. All three meals are included here. If you wish to eat an A la carte lunch, then go to the “Sunset Pool Bar. The À la carte lunch includes tasty dishes such as sandwiches and classic burgers. If you wish to try Srilankan cuisine, then go to “Ceylon Bliss’ ‘ and taste the authentic food overlooking the ocean. If you wish to try the unique Moroccan tea and coffee, then explore “Marrakech”. For vegetarians, go eat at “Just Veg”. Try the best vegetarian dishes from Indian, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. If you haven’t tasted seafood yet, then this is your chance. Go to “The Pier Six ” to get the finest seafood. If you like Japanese, then go to “Teppanyaki Grill ” at Pier Six. 

Several cocktails and mocktails are available at the restaurants mentioned above, such as The Spice, The Sunset, and Just Veg, among others. Afterwards, you can go explore Kurendhoo island or visit Naifaaru island to explore the Turtle rehab centre. You can also go on a sunset cruise if the weather permits. You’ll also get free use of non-motorised water sports equipment throughout the entirety of your stay. Go explore your inner adventurous self. 

Take the final call

Maldives Meal Plan

Hopefully, this read has empowered you with more knowledge about the all-inclusive meal plan than ever before. We want you to have the best experiences in the Maldives. Therefore, we suggest you think about the Maldives meal plans way ahead of your trip. and if you’re going for the all-inclusive meal plan, then you’re in safe hands. All-inclusive resorts are better than full-board since they include all your snacks, so you won’t feel hungry at any point throughout your trip. Drink the popular Daiquiri as you are sitting under the lamps, take in the view of the blue ocean as the wind refreshes your soul. 

Now that you know the benefits of this plan, whatever plan you go with, you’ll have a lot of fun on your Maldives vacation. You’re all set to go now. So, “take this once in a lifetime opportunity” for sure. Get lost in the magic that is the Maldives. 

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