Best Time to Visit Maldives

The Best Time to Visit Maldives: Things You Should Know Before a Holiday

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What is the best time to visit Maldives, the destination situated 600 miles to the Southwest of Asia, amidst the Indian Ocean, is an iconic romantic gateway of tourists. There are 26 natural islands in this nation that are surrounded by white sandy beaches, turquoise blue ocean, coral reef and palm groves. The lagoons offer the perfect escape for people who wish to relax on the beach or snorkel.

Though Maldives had been a trading point for countries like the Arabs, Persians, Europeans since the 12th century, we best know the country as the abode of the best luxury resorts in the world with water bungalows. It is the ideal holiday destination for honeymooners and people who seek nothing but relaxation.

From relaxing on the beach with a sip of exotic cocktail, world-class seafood experience to enchanting scuba diving and underwater diving experience, Maldives has it all for travelers.

For holidays, Maldives faces one major question – what month is the best time to visit Maldives?

The Season When You Get the Best Weather in Maldives

Season When You Get the Best Weather in Maldives

Of course, when you plan your holiday, you visit a place at the right time of the year to enjoy a comfortable weather and for that you should know best time to visit maldives. However, in case of Maldives, the sun and warmth prevail round the year. Maldives experiences two vivid season – a dry season from November to April, and a wet season from May to October. However, precipitation during the afternoons is not uncommon in the dry spell. January to March offers the best temperature and are the driest months, making it the peak holiday time for travelers to Maldives.

Although Maldives experiences heavy rainfall between May to October, it never ruins your vacation as the rain mainly pours during the afternoon after a slight storm. As you move to South Male Atolls, the weather becomes more consistent throughout the year.

One of the best experiences is enjoying the overcast sky while lounging on the deck of the water villas.


When is the Best Time to Travel to Maldives for Avoiding Crowds?

If you want to avoid crowd while in Maldives, it is best to visit during the lean or wet season. Maldives gets lesser number of tourists during these months as people get lesser sunshine. However, the lean season doesn’t set in before June, as the country remains fairly sunny in May and October. So, if you wish to avoid crowd, you should visit between June to September. These months are also the best time to visit Maldives when the rates of resorts are the lowest.


Best time in Maldives for Watersports

For adrenaline junkies, the surf season here begins in February-mid and prevails through November. You get the best swells during these months. These months are not suitable for offshore kayaking. Canoeing and sea sailing is best during December and January. Underwater diving is a year-round activity in Maldives, but you get visibility between January and April.


A Visit based on Events

Being majorly Muslim country, Maldives follows the Islamic lunar calendar. So, if you are here for any event, you need pre-check the date.

Maldives celebrates their Independence Day on July 26th every year with festive performances and parades. For their Republic Day in November, the Maldivians celebrate with heritage, culture, display of clothes. They celebrate the Huravee Day in the month of January to commemorate their freedom from South India by Sultan Hassan Izzuddeen in 1752 with traditional dancing and meal.

If you want to enjoy these local events, you need to match lunar calendar date with our Georgian calendar and plan your holiday.

Ramadan here is significant. Though the locals fast during the month, resorts and restaurants function normally with Iftar special meals with local food and juices, which are otherwise not served throughout the year.


Romance in Maldives with Bioluminescence


Romance in Maldives with Bioluminescence


Bioluminescence in the oceans and bays of Maldives by illuminated planktons is a globally renowned phenomenon. It is one of the most romantic and thrilling thing to experience on the water surface. Hence, the best time to visit Maldives for honeymoon would we when the bioluminescent activities take place.

However, this activity doesn’t happen throughout the year in all the islands. This natural phenomenon specially takes place between June to October in the Vaadhoo Island of Raa Atoll. Also, you can enjoy this only when the ocean water is turbulent. If the water is not rough, you need to stir the water by evening to enjoy the bioluminescence.


Final Thoughts

Maldives is a round-the-year destination with mild warm and sunny weather. However, if you want to travel cheap or avoid crowd, the lean season between May to October is the best time to visit. It is also the best time for enjoying natural beauty and scuba diving. The airfares and resort rates are usually low during these months.

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