11 reasons to book a trip to the Maldives this year!

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Wondering where you should travel next? Not sure where to go anymore? Then, read on to get the perfect answer. I would ask you to take a trip to the tropical islands of the Maldives. This location should be on your bucket list right away. Set in the vast Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a tiny island nation. It is quite small if you try to locate it on the map. However, do not underestimate its tiny size. It’s a spectacular sight to behold. Firstly, the Maldives is home to coral reefs; underwater structures that act as a shelter for marine life. The endless clear sky, the blue ocean, and the gorgeous beaches reach out to you. Secondly, take a moment to rest and de-stress in this exotic island country. Afterward, walk barefoot on the stunning beaches, or swim in the clearest pools.

Why a trip to the Maldives is a must in 2021?

Lying southwest of India, it’s an incredibly attractive travel destination for many Indians. Indians land in the Maldives to seek leisure or to go on their honeymoon or just to try out a new variety of water sports activities. Several water-related activities are available for your enjoyment. Its suitable topography allows you to play in the water all day long. There are so many activities in the Maldives that you won’t know where to start. Indulge in relaxation. Once you are completely relaxed, couple it with snorkeling. Wear snorkel equipment to see the exquisite coral reefs. You’ll fall in love with the surreal underwater world immediately. You can have it all.

And if you are still indecisive, then we’re here to convince you that a trip to the Maldives should be your next holiday.

Top 11 reasons to book a trip to the Maldives in 2021

Now let’s explore why the Maldives should be your next trip destination.

  • Live in the Perfect Villas
  • Relax your bones at the Spa
  • Drink by the sea
  • Eat that food
  • Honeymooner’s haven
  • Snorkel to see the reefs
  • Discover if you are a water baby: try water activities
  • Scuba diving into the ocean
  • See the Capital of Male
  • See the local sights on your Maldives trip
  • It’s within your budget

1. Experience Luxury at its finest


The feeling of luxury you get when staying at one of the Maldives’ private resorts is something you can’t get anywhere else. The moment you reach the resort, your luggage is taken care of. The buggy service is there to help you with transportation the entire time. The staff are very accommodating with the guests’ requests. For instance, if you prefer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or Jain cuisine, then you can always inform the chefs to accommodate your dietary choices and they’ll happily oblige you. The staff is quite available all the time, ensuring that you’re comfortable during your stay.

Once you’ve taken the All-inclusive meal plan during your stay, you do not have to spend a single penny at the resort anymore. All your needs are taken care of and you just have to enjoy your trip now. Among the many benefits of a trip here is that you’ll get absolute privacy in your villa. You’ll feel as if you owe the place. In our opinion, you should indulge in a trip where you’ll be pampered as much as your heart desires. And the Maldives promises to provide you with exactly that.

2. Live in the Perfect Villas

Perfect Water-Villa

The Maldives is known to be home to world-class resorts across the entire island. The villas provide gorgeous views of the landscape nearby. If you reach the Maldives on a seaplane ride, then you get to view the villas that are dotted across the blue ocean. It’s a sight to behold. Book the perfect villa for yourself and wake up to the sounds of the waves around you. The gentle lapping of the waves is very therapeutic for your health. Indeed, it relaxes us and helps us release chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Wake up in a stunning room and plan your day. Stay either in a beach villa or stay in a water villa with a pool or both. Beach villas are situated on the shore and you can hear the waves hitting the rocks as you sleep. Get up in the morning and go to the beach. Take your partner with you and try couple yoga. Conclude your session with a serene meditation. By all means, don’t forget to laugh as you try and sometimes fail to do the poses correctly. Never let the smile fade from your glowing face. Remember, the objective is to have fun at the end of it. Indeed, couple yoga has quite a positive effect on you and will strengthen your relationship in the long run.

  • Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives offers sunset beach villas perfect for honeymooners. The beach is just steps away and you can visit it whenever your heart desires. In the evening, relax on the sunbeds and enjoy the gorgeous sunset that takes place in front of your eyes. If you are interested in staying right above the ocean, go for a water villa. There is a private pool located on the wooden deck. Take a swim in it. Did you know that there are several benefits to swimming? It is known to improve flexibility in the water. Strengthen your endurance along with burning calories. Also, it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. How amazing is that?

Once you have swum to your heart’s desire, then relax on the loungers. You can go for a dip in the lagoon whenever you want to. Bask in the feeling of relaxation. Listen to the healing music. Afterwards, read an addictive book. The staff at the resort are quite hospitable and take care of all your needs. Reach out to them anytime during your Maldives trip without any hesitation if you require anything particular.

At OBLU by Atmosphere in Helengeli, the villas are quite spacious and air-conditioned. Once you arrive at your hotel, you can just wind down immediately. The villas can become your haven to relax after the exciting events and activities of the day. A personal space for you and your partner to enjoy the evening together and rejuvenate yourself for the day ahead. There are king-size beds for your comfort. There is the availability of television and satellite TV as well. Sprawl on the bed to your heart’s content and watch a gripping movie to invigorate your senses. There is plenty of space in the bathroom too. There is a bathtub along with a separate shower in the bathroom. Have a bubble bath and immerse yourself in the delight of the experience. Either way, your trip to the Maldives is worth every penny.

Don’t miss the chance to live near the gorgeous beaches and lagoons that are dotted across the Maldivian islands.

3. Relax your bones at the Spa

Maldives Spa

If you’ve been working non-stop since the pandemic, then now is the time to calm your mind and body. Come to the Maldives for a few days and calm your senses in one of the spas. Dedicate an afternoon to indulging yourself at the spa. It is a known fact that spa therapy has a lot of benefits. It can assist in reducing blood pressure and enhancing sleep. Additionally, it aids in the healing of bodily discomfort. So, treat yourself to an hour of luxury. Massaging and applying oil to your skin helps alleviate tension by loosening your muscles and increasing circulation. Take an appointment in one of the treatment rooms, lie down on the massage table with the soft Buddhist music playing in the background. An aroma candle is lit and spreads its fragrance throughout the entire room. You just have to relax for the next few hours. Varu by Atmosphere provides a holistic solution through their ELENA Spa. Various forms of massage are offered here. You can try the Anti Ageing facial, which lasts up to 75 minutes. This massage slows down the anti-ageing process and makes your skin healthier. Indulge in a pedicure later, where your feet and lower legs are taken care of. Let the tension leave your body bit by bit on this trip to the Maldives.

4. Drink by the sea on your trip to the Maldives

Grab a chance to drink at the loveliest locations on your trip to the Maldives. There are so many drinking bars in the resorts of the Maldives. You can select from numerous alternatives. If you are intending to stay at OBLU Select at Sangeli, then go drink at “The Sangs”, the bar available on the premises. There is an excellent liquor collection, including fine wines and top-quality beers. Choose any drink and then relish the taste of it. You can try the wine and your partner can try the beer. Drink whisky and gin, vodka and rum at Helen’s, the bar at the OBLU by Atmosphere at Helengeli Maldives. Once you have your preferred beverage, then sit down and enjoy your time. Enjoy this seemingly magical place. As you drink, tell your soulmate how much you love them. Just be careful not to get too tipsy!

5. Eat that food

Maldives Food

If you like to eat in exotic locations, then the Maldives should be on your bucket list. All resorts in the Maldives offer exquisite buffets when you are staying over. Stay at the Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives and eat at “The Spice”. Sit at one of the cosiest seats and enjoy your meal overlooking the lagoon. There are lots of choices available for you. Try European dishes now. And then, for your next meal, go the Asian way. Maybe you’ll fall in love with them. Also, try exotic dishes. Indeed, delight your taste buds with something new. There is also a cooking station along with several desserts as well. Maybe you’ll discover your new favourite dish in the process.

If you happen to stay at OBLU Select at Sangeli, then eat at “The Courtyard”, where all three meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner are available. Theme nights take place in the courtyard. At Hedhikaa Hut restaurant, eat the local snacks that are prepared for the guests. You can catch a special brunch at Varu by Atmosphere as well. Here you will be accompanied by live performances and music. Enjoy the soulful tunes as you nibble your food.

6. Honeymooner’s haven

You must have read that a trip to the Maldives is a perfect honeymoon retreat for newlyweds. And rightly so. You get picture-perfect views of the lagoons and the ocean. The entire island country is dotted with several private resorts which provide the best packages for honeymooners. Plan to surprise your partner with a booked trip to the Maldives. Ask the staff to decorate the bed with flower petals and they’ll do it with pleasure. Start your wedding life with the memories of the Maldives in the backdrop. The people in the Maldives know how to celebrate love, and what’s a better way than to learn from the experts? Once you arrive here, feel free to indulge and pamper your partner. Get a chance to lie next to your lover on the sunbed and share stories from your childhood. Eventually, dress up for the occasion and go to a candlelight dinner in the evening. As you eat, tell your soulmate how beautiful they look on this night. On a new day, either go swimming at the beach or take a walk along the coastline of the island. Surely, the Maldives serve as a perfect destination for lovers.

7. Snorkel to see the reefs

This activity is quite a favorite with locals as well as tourists. Use an opportunity to take your significant other to snorkel in the ocean. Take the hand of your soulmate as you eagerly wait to jump into the water. As you dip your head beneath the surface of the water, you can see the coral reefs embedded in the surface of the ocean. There are so many scores of fish. If you’re lucky, you can even find starfishes lying on the surface of the reefs. There is only blue, as far as your eyes can see.

Isn’t this a delightful way to enjoy a gorgeous day with your sweetheart? Would you like to ever return to the surface once you’ve witnessed this underwater beauty? Breathtakingly beautiful underwater scenery will mesmerize you. Notably, these beautiful landscapes will stay with you long after your journey is over. These experiences will capture your heart and you’ll know why the Maldives is everyone’s favorite travel destination.

8. Discover if you are a water baby: try water activities

WATER Sports Activities

You’ve arrived at the perfect place if you enjoy water activities. The entire Maldives is surrounded by the ocean. Pick up a stand-up paddleboard and a canoe. If you wish to see the reef further, learn to balance the paddleboard in the calm sea. If you manage to get a glass one, you can see the reef below all the time. Enjoy the perfect view of the ocean on a sunny Maldivian day. To get the best experience of the sea, try windsurfing as the wind gets in your hair. Later, take a catamaran with you for sailing. By all means, catch a ride on a catamaran with a scenic view of the Maldives.

At OBLU by Atmosphere at Helengeli Maldives, there is the availability of non-motorized water sports equipment such as Kayaks and Pedalos. Paddle your way through the blue ocean on a pedalo. If surfing is your hobby, then plan your stay at Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi. This is a great spot for surfing because the reefs are shallow here. You can get on board a cruise to see the sunset. Thus, enjoy this beautiful setting as the sun sinks into the water at the time of sunset.

9. Scuba diving into the ocean

If you still have time left, then go scuba diving. Scuba diving in the sea lets you explore the various kinds of fish swimming underneath the surface.  Certainly, it’s an exhilarating experience to look forward to. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, better known as PADI, provides tourists with the opportunity to study the basics of scuba diving. Learn the fundamentals before diving in.

10. See the Capital of Male

If you are traveling to the Maldives, then you can visit the local sights of the capital, Male. The city is buzzing with activity. You get on a walking tour to see the sights of the city. Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi provides a Male tour for their guests. Join a tour, during which you’ll get to explore the streets of this small and fascinating island city. After that, visit the lively local fish market, or walk through the colorful Maldivian goods market. Don’t miss the chance to talk to the locals. You can learn a lot about a country’s culture by talking to the local people. Later, take an opportunity to eat at a local restaurant that serves traditional dishes. What a great opportunity to get some culture on the go.

11. See the local sights on your Maldives trip

In Male, visit the iconic national museum, which houses historical artifacts from the past. Then go see Sultan Park, which is located adjacent to the national museum. After that, you can visit the Grand Friday mosque as well. However, be mindful of the local traditions. Dress conservatively if you visit the mosque. Later, do not forget to see Republic Square in Male. It is quite a historical place and has played an important role in the history of the Maldives. By the end of the day, hog souvenirs for your friends from the souvenir shop back home. Indulge in Maldivian culture if you get the chance.

Note: All local island excursions are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic.

12. A trip to the Maldives is within your budget

Maldives Budget Trip

Don’t cancel the name of Maldives from your bucket list just because you think it’s not in your budget. Many resorts have cropped up in the Maldives and are offering amazing packages to their customers. So many airlines offer flights to the Maldives currently. You can also choose to go in the offseason, or at the beginning of the peak season. Try to book your tickets early. This helps to save money. And connectivity is not an issue once you land at the Male airport. The resorts where you’ll be planning to stay will provide either a speedboat or a seaplane, depending on their location from the Male Airport. So, fret not. Just choose the right package for you and your partner. And you are set to embark on this amazing journey.

Have you already made up your mind to go for a trip to the Maldives? The Maldives is the ideal place to get away from the daily grind. It’s time to seize this chance, so take it now. Get ready to wake up to the breathtaking splendor of the Maldives. Once you’ve stayed in the Maldives, it will be quite difficult to say goodbye to this gorgeous destination. However, that doesn’t mean you should not embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Indeed, take a trip to the Maldives and cherish the memories that you’ll make that will stay with you forever. Click here to get started!

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