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Duniya Safari’s Staycations

Want to leave all of it (and we mean ‘all of it’ – office work, chores and responsibilities) behind to just cool off for a couple of days? You know you need it whether you want to travel solo or have a significant other to hole up with? Not sure how to manage that with limited time on your hands and which properties are have updated their health and hygiene practices as per government guidelines? In the present scenario, we understand your concerns for safety and security of your loved ones.
Let us introduce you to ‘Staycations’.

What is a Staycation?

Staycations is a new trend in the tourism. The purpose of a staycation is to spend some quality with your partner or family in the lap of luxury. Just enjoying being pampered with good food & drinks in their company accompanied by leisurely activities.

A quick family vacation or a friend’s get-together can be in or near your hometown, only a short drive away from you. Couple or family activities like cooking classes, ayurvedic spa and yoga retreats, workshops, performances, are just some of the experiences hotel and resort chains are curating today.

Duniya Safari in association with some of the top brands brings you this opportunity. We have partnered up with brands in major metropolitan cities in India. Right now we are catering to Facebook and Telegram uses across Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Bengaluru. Slowly we will be adding more cities and destinations around those cities to our inventory. From the aforementioned cities, we’re planning tours and experiences to –

Kolkata – Mandarmani, Digha, Shantiniketan, Raichak

Delhi – Mcleodganj, Kasauli, Agra, Jaipur

Hyderabad – Kurnool, Leonia Holistic Resort, Black Buck Resort

Pune – Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Khandala, Lavassa

Bengaluru – Ooty, Chikmagalur, Coorg, Mysore, Wayanad, Kodaikanal, Gokarna

What can a Staycation do for you?

1. Stop Dreading Sundays

Most of us have a fear. Not of Sundays, but what comes after. That’s right, Mondays. Which means another long week of monotony. Break the chain, and spend your Sunday at a luxury resort or spa. Treat yourself some soothing massages and mimosas.

2. Discover what’s near you

We plan for longer holidays every year, to newer destinations. And yet, we neglect what can be experienced within a driving distance from our homes. Almost all cities in India have these hidden gems, unexplored spots by the locals. Sure we know they exist; we’ve read or heard about them. Yet we’ve never been there. Get a change of scenery and spend a day exploring one of these spots.

3. Customize your Romantic Weekend

You’ve been planning the perfect romantic weekend in secret. You’ve memorized the recipes in detail and bought all the ingredients, along with your partner’s favorite wine. Sure it will be a great weekend, but think of the preparations and the cleaning up afterwards. How about in the same budget you take them out to a fancy dinner at a luxury hotel and let the professionals do all the work? You can even customize the whole experience.

4. How About a Memorable Gift?

Working in a different city and can’t visit your parents for their anniversary? How about a fancy dinner? Or just want to throw a special treat on your best bros birthday? Will he prefer a 2-day camping trip or a beer-making masterclass?
No matter what you choose, Staycations got you covered. Gift them an experience they will cherish forever.

Why is Staycations Trending Right Now?

1. The best way to enjoy a holiday in 2020

In the aftermath of COVID, most tourism services around the country and the world are still struggling to reopen. Planning an extended holiday doesn’t seem to be possible in the upcoming months as well. So, the best way to blow off some steam is a Staycation, or a short holiday.

2. Savings

While all business sectors have suffered a massive blow as the world economy became stagnant due to COVID. Most of us, if not all have faced pay-cuts in the past few months. Let’s be honest, our bank accounts cannot cash the cheque that our dreams wish to fill. Staycations can offer you a holiday experience in a tight budget.

3. Safety

With health and safety being one of the top priorities among travelers today, it is easier to plan a trip where the mode of transportation is your own. The hotels and resorts that have opened for guests are anyway maintaining industrial level of hygiene.

A staycation is meant to be a short trip with family to de-stress you. It does not require long months of planning or carefully choosing which sights to visit on you much awaited trip. Just choose a destination and a vehicle. A staycation only needs to give you some quality time that you spend with your family, as you all are being treated like royalty by care-giving professionals. So you see, it cannot go wrong. But that does not mean you’re settling for less of an experience. You may not have exotic experiences or that perfect social-media worthy selfie, but a staycation will make you appreciate the company of your loved ones in a blissful atmosphere.

Staycations is the next best thing for leisure travelers in our world of ‘New Normal’, and is the best way to travel and unwind. But if you’re still worried about your safety and security, leave that to us. Our team is prepared with a list of establishments that are keeping up with the industry’s safety standards, and ensuring hygiene and sanitation practices executed by the Indian Government.

Give us a call or drop a mail with your details (City, Phone number) and someone from our team will get in touch with you. Our dedicated team of travel planners will tailor a Staycation as per your requirements.

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