best winter destinations

16 best winter destinations for your next Europe tour: Part 1

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best winter destinations

Are you looking for places to spend time with your beloved on your next Europe tour? Wondering whether you can visit Europe in winter or not? Wish to create your own “perfect” song sequence like Ed Sheeren did in Hintertux, Austria? Don’t you think that visiting Europe in winter is magical?  Christmas is just around the corner. The Yule trees are decorated with lights and garlands, and the streets are covered in deep snow. You are absolutely wrapped in the cosiest winter wear, and enjoying a  hot chocolate drink as you hold the hands of your beloved.

So, if you are looking to craft the perfect Europe tour, then this is a must-read for you! Here is a list of the most iconic European locations, best enjoyed in winter on your next Europe tour package.

1. Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein castle

If you’re a fan of Disney, then this is a great place to start your Europe tour during winter. Visit this fairy tale castle which inspired Walt Disney to model his Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland. This magnificent castle is tucked in the German Alps in Europe and indeed has a magical effect on you. Take a walk on the snow-covered lanes, and after that, click some memorable pics with your bae! 

2. Take a dip in the famous Szechenyi thermal bath, Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi thermal bath

You are greatly missing out if you don’t try Budapest’s thermal baths in Europe. Take a break from the cold and indulge yourself in the saunas and cosy steam rooms at this thermal bath. One of the favourite activities of the locals, the thermal bath unites the citizens of Budapest like no other. Budapestians love to spend time here, play chess, do business deals, and get out of the humdrum of everyday existence for a little while. Above all, thermal water is known to be high in calcium, hydrogen carbonate and magnesium and is great for your health. Indulge yourself in this relaxing European aqua therapy and give your body a chance to heal.

3. Chase the Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland on your Europe tour

Northern Lights At Lapland

It’s best to see the northern lights in the European winter when the sky is darker and the sun cannot be seen for weeks. You can spot the colours of the aurora borealis in the deep winter. In addition to that, plan your honeymoon under these magical lights. After that, spend a night in a contemporary Igloo. Try out this unique experience with your sweetheart in the beautifully designed domed structure. Spend a night under the glass roof, snuggle in cosy sleeping bags, sleep by the crackling fire and watch the northern lights from your bed. It’s an experience that you cannot miss. 

4. Go see the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg Germany

Do not forget to try out the Christmas market in the romantic city of Nuremberg on your Europe tour. It is one of the oldest European Christmas markets in the world and offers a unique and traditional experience to visitors.  Hold your partner’s hand on the streets under the starry Christmas lights, as you nibble aromatic gingerbread. The touch of your significant other will keep you warm as you stroll along the cobbled streets of Nuremberg. Isn’t this romantic? Gift your soulmate a Zwetschgenmännle, the iconic toy figure made of prunes, and drink the festive staple, hot spiced wine. 

5. Go Skiing in Chamonix, France 

Chamonix France

Did you know that skiing is quite a popular sport in this country? On your next Europe tour, plan a trip to try skiing in Europe. The main resort is located in Chamonix. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley is a favourite destination for many mountain lovers and thrill-seekers. This location offers plenty of activities for ski lovers as well.  You have to enrol at a ski school once you reach there. After that, choose the right equipment and learn to traverse the various slopes and altitudes. To sum up, plan your trip between January to March to enjoy an extraordinary skiing adventure in the snow.

6. Bathe in Copenhot, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhot Copenhagen

Try a unique hot bath experience in amazing bathtubs overlooking the sea. You do not have to miss the sea just because it’s winter. Try out the spa boat or relax in the tub while seated in the harbour. You can drink with your partner while taking a bath. Treat yourself after exploring European architecture and relax with this novel activity on your next European Tour.

 7. Take a walk in Wengen Village, Switzerland 

Wengen Village

You have to see Europe’s little, picturesque town nestled in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland. Include Wengen in your affordable European tour package. Take a walk in the snow-covered lanes, explore the cosy restaurants, discover cottages and reconnect again with your loved one. Similarly, you can also explore another tiny village nearby called Mürren, which is much quieter than Wengen. Both the villages are 40 minutes apart from each other and can be accessed by public transportation. Try out the unique cheese fondue available in Mürren. In short, do reserve a few days for these charming Swiss villages on your upcoming Europe tour. 

8. Go ice-skating in Prague, Czech Republic

Go ice-skating in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the best times to visit Europe. Prague becomes quite chilly in the winter, but the snow that covers the city adds a lovely whiteness to it. So, If you are in Prague during winter, then you must try ice skating. Praguians love this activity during the long European winters, and several seasonal ice-skating rinks pop up to help the citizens. It does not matter if you have not tried it before, try this for sure with your partner. Have a go at it, fall, laugh and learn from your mistakes like a local. In Prague, act as a Praguian! To sum up, you should be having fun by the end of it.

9. Ride a  Gondola in Venice, Italy

Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy

If you are a romantic and plan to impress your darling, then go for the Gondola rides in Venice. Grab a blanket and explore buildings lined up against the waterways. The Venetian canals are quieter in winter and the rides are quite affordable during this season. Above all, if you are planning a budget European Vacation, then this is right up your alley!

10. Visit Cappadocia in Turkey

Visit Cappadocia in Turkey

Witness the aerial view of Cappadocia, Turkey, if you happen to be in Europe during the winter season. Go for the hot balloon ride and see the sights from above. Take this wonderful ride for an hour and share this gorgeous, sun-kissed morning with the Cappadocian landscape. Above all, this is a great way to express your love towards your soulmate. Certainly, you should include this location in your next Europe tour.

11. Go to Vatnajökull, Iceland

Go to Vatnajökull, Iceland

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and are feeling adventurous, then you have to see the Vatnajökull Glacier, located in Iceland. It is known to be the largest ice cap in Europe. Moreover, the glacier was used to shoot “Beyond the Wall” scenes in the Game of Thrones. One of the favourite glaciers of the local, you can always go hiking here.

 12. Discover the frozen Plitvice Lake waterfalls in Croatia

Discover the frozen Plitvice Lake waterfalls in Croatia

If you are in Europe, then give yourself a chance to see the frozen Plitvice Lake waterfalls in Croatia. The Plitvice Lakes are known to be Croatia’s major attraction. A million people come here each year. You’ll witness the frozen, ice-covered waterfalls and trees are covered with snow. For millions of years, water pouring across limestone has contributed to the creation of lakes, and waterfalls. The magnificent view will leave you speechless and convince you to take uncountable pics with your partner for your next Instagram story.

13. Explore the Icebar in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

You have to try Icebar in Amsterdam, one of the coolest places in Amsterdam. The entire location is made up of ice, and you cannot miss out on the ice shots, which are served in ice glasses! You’ll get a few tokens once you reach there. You will be able to exchange those tokens for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The interior of the bar is really cold, so don’t forget to gear yourselves up with the appropriate winter wear. This ice bar is a must-add to your perfect holiday destination bucket list. 

14. Try out belly dancing in Istanbul, Turkey

Try out belly dancing in Istanbul, Turkey_

The Bosphorus Strait is one of the unique locations in Istanbul. The strait, which is the junction between Europe and Asia, is a major conduit of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Many cruise tours take place on the Bosphorus Strait, allowing tourists to see two continents at once. So, if you want to see belly dancing, then grab a seat on the cruise located on the Bosphorus Strait. Belly dancing is one of the most popular dances in Turkey. You’ll also get a chance to see Istanbul’s gorgeous sunset and sample the traditional Turkish delights during the cruise. Isn’t this a great way to lose your evening?

15. Visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy 


A unique experience is in store for you in Rome this winter, don’t miss it at all. The Roman streets are quite empty in the chilly afternoons, which gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the magnificent sights of this stunning city. We would recommend you to take an opportunity to climb the ancient stairs at the Colosseum during the snowy winter. Capture the Colosseum on your phone as snow falls on the cobbled streets of Rome. Moreover, don’t forget to buy plenty of winter wear for yourself as well. 

16. Travel to Salzburg, Austria

Travel to Salzburg, Austria

The birthplace of one of the great musicians of all time, Mozart, the city of Salzburg is definitely worth a look. Winter in Salzburg is a real delight, a city that resembles a fairy-tale town full of glitter and the comfort of snug cafés. Let Salzburg cast a spell over you with its mulled wine, enchanting museums and Mozart concerts. Take an opportunity to visit the old town of Salzburg as well. There is no denying that Salzburg’s old town is just beautiful, with its bright buildings, lovely clock towers, and pastel hues wherever you look. It’s a joy to explore. Take the hand of your sweetheart as you explore the gorgeous city.

Your European trip awaits you! 

To sum up, European winters are too beautiful to be missed. You get an excellent opportunity to spend a wonderful time with your soulmate in these pristine locations. So, don’t deprive yourself of these gorgeous locations any longer.  Connect with our team at Duniya Safari to curate your perfect Europe tour package. Pack your bags now and go!

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